So You Want To Be A Merchant? A Brief Guide for Faffs on Ship Registration

By Terrance McGrew

Ships must register with the Port Authority of the flag under which they sail. Ships registered in this way are subject to the laws and regulations of that nation. Some port authorities, like Amontin and Inagua, are controlled by the government. Yet others, like Snug Corner and the Halfling Peninsula, are overseen by 3rd party organizations. Below is outlined the conditions of registration for various ports around the Sea.

Halfling Peninsula

  • 10% of Gross Revenue to be paid to the company
  • Must return once every 4 months with hold full of fresh fish in time for the Fish-Eating
  • Keep accurate Captain’s log.
  • Record Ship name, ship classification and type, hold size, modifications, value, and captain’s name with the company.
  • Initial start-up costs can be provided by the company and structured as debt. Payments are an additional 10% of gross revenue, interest rate proportional to risk.


  • 10,000 gp registration fee. 250 gp per month.
  • Must keep accurate Captain’s log
  • Record ship name, hold size, officer’s names
  • Must return to Vallir once per season to settle the account, or be struck from the registry.

Shallow Isles

  • Owner must be full time resident of shallow isles
  • Vessel’s primary function must be fishing.
  • Must participate in group trading voyages to surrounding states


  • Must pay 20% of net revenue to the Port Authority
  • Must return once per month to settle debt
  • Must keep accurate captain’s log
  • Must record ship’s and captain’s names

Los Roques

  • Must keep accurate captain’s log
  • Must record ship and officer names
  • Must return to Los Roques once per month. Allowances can be made for the import of exotic cargo.
  • Startup costs can be provided, structured as an interest free loan. Value of principle and payment schedule determined in conjunction with risk.

Snug Corner

  • Must record vessel name and captain’s name
  • Must keep accurate captain’s log

Leon and Manzanillo

  • Monthly fee 500 gp. Account must be balanced by the end of each season, or be reported to the Amontin Navy.
  • Loans available. Interest and payments determined by risk.
  • Must keep accurate captain’s log
  • Record ship name, class, hold capacity, officer’s names, modifications, value

Amontin, Rikiki Peninsula, Drawves, Lizardfolk

  • Closed to foreign registration