A Carouser’s Guide to Enjoying Yourself in Anegada

By Nathan Fillingham

The first time getting leave on the shores of Anegada can be a daunting prospect for a young man. I’m here to instruct you on how to best spend your time so you get your money’s worth.

Fort Fancier

Henry Avery, a name you certainly have heard, controls the fort you see at the tip of the bay. He’s the Magistrate of Anegada but rarely ventures out of his fort. Wesley, his first mate, handles affairs from the Customs House in his stead. Fort Fancier protects the bay from the Navy.

Custom’s House

Bring any prize to the Custom’s House, and Wesley will give you fair coin. It will be repackaged if necessary and send to Inagua on Anegada’s merchant ships. Afterwards, come have a drink at the Barnacle.

The Barnacle

This is the name of my tavern. I’m the only one on the island with Hardfall ale. We have hot food and fresh bread weekly. Come for a drink, or to play a game of dice or cards. If you don’t feel like sleeping on your ship, we have rooms and beds by the hearth to rent. The girls from Land Ho are not welcome overnight.

Land Ho

Here is where you need to keep your head. Many a young sailor walks in with his purse full of coin and his head full of secrets and leaves with less of both. It’s much safer to have a drink at the Barnacle.

James T. James, Shipwright

Mr. James is one of the world’s best shipbuilders. Luckily for us he once ate an onion in full view of the Magistrate, who everyone knew was allergic. Subsequently, he had to flee his death sentence and ended up here. He requires all payment in advance in full. While you’re waiting for repairs or upgrades, come have a drink at the Barnacle.

Bumbling Bristol’s Bristled Behind

I always send my rowdy guests to go air their dirty laundry here. The fighting pit is always open for signups and a great place to sort out differences without breaking my things. Once you’re done, come up to the Barnacle for a victory drink or a consolation one.

Other services

Between Taylor the Tailor, Smith the Blacksmith, and Gene at the General Store, all other shopping needs should be covered in Anegada. When you need a break, come have a drink at the Barnacle.