A Pamphlet for the Noon Priests to Disseminate

Being a Summary of the Supreme Knowledge of Ocoru, the Father of All, and Amonte, Our Sacred Intercessor; for the Education and Salvation of the Heathen of the Nostramar Sea; for the Great Glory of Ocoru and by the Grace of Our Lady Amonte

Ocoru, the All-Father, is the lord of chaos and darkness. We feel him in the primordial movements of the ocean and see him in the majesty of the night sky. When the world was new, there was nothing but Ocoru and the creatures of the deep, who moved with him in the eternal dance of time and storms.

Over time, Ocoru created his daughter Amonte, who brings order and light. Her face is the brightness of the sun and the folds of her dress form the mountains of the world, which she holds and protects in her skirts. Once a day she looks over the entire breadth of the world to be sure all is well before she goes to sleep. Noon is sacred to her because that is when she looks straight down where you are. All the faithful pray to her at noon, as she gazes at them.

When Amonte was still young, Ocoru saw that unlike he, she was a social god, and she wanted young to nurture. He asked her to make many dolls, which she did out of wood and stone and clay and dirt, with long grasses for hair. When she brought them to him, he made water and magic to flow through them, and so made flesh and blood and soul. Together, Amonte and Ocoru made the races of the world to roam on the land and keep Amonte company.

Ocoru found that humans were not only destructive, but disrespectful of his power, and he decided to destroy them. He raised the waters. When Amonte looked down and saw the seas swallowing the cities of the faithful, she argued that humans could change. They would show their respect of Ocoru and Amonte and prove their worthiness to live. The waters halted in their rise and Amonte continues to argue for the existence of humankind. Only when all the races of the world pay proper obeisance to Ocoru and Amonte will all be safe from the wrath of the All-Father, for we need both order and chaos to live.

Prayer to Ocoru:

Our Father, who dwells in the shifting seas,

Sacred is your name and your might.

May you look with favour on your children here

And protect us in the water and the night.

You who bring the lightning storm

And you who bring the rain,

You without whom we never grow warm

And you without whom have no grain.

Give us your blessing for all of our days

And guide us in the beyond

In the roar of the surf and the fire’s bright blaze,

We hear you and, grateful, respond.

Prayer to Amonte:

Blessed lady of growing things,

Gracious queen of the field,

Glorious mother of life and of land,

Beauteous goddess, we yield

To you every sunrise and sunset

To you every song, every day,

To you every fold of the soil

Our lady, protect us, we pray.

[Ocoru domains: Arcana, Death, Nature, Tempest, Trickery, War]

[Amonte domains: Forge, Knowledge, Light, Order, Grave, Life]